FORCEMAX20-1000 series electrofusion welder is a new technology based on IGBT inverter welder fused product of RIYANG fusion welding in 2014, comparing with the SCR technology, it has advantages of high efficiency, high precision, high stability, light weight, easy operation, and intelligent control, etc.This series is available for DN20-DN1000 specifications of PE pipe and steel composite pipe fusion welding, to meet the process requirements municipal, chemical and petroleum pipelines to polyethylene pressure or non-pressure pipe.

This product could provide stable DC power supply, according to the welding process requirements, could choose constant voltage current limiting or constant current voltage limiting as closed-loop control.


Easy Operation

Multi-language LCD display, setting the parameters by buttons, wleding pipes by prompts.


High Reliability

Considering to the complicated outdoor working conditions of high temperature, bump transportation, unstalbe power supply, this product selects imported or domestic top brands components, to ensure the reliability and applicability.


Wide Power Range

Constant output when the rated voltage at ±20% fluctuation, ensure the reliability of the welding process.

Easy Carry

The weight significantly reduced compared to that use SCR as the power device. Ergonomic structure makes the machine easier to carry.


Intelligent Welding

With the welding functions of bar code scanning, manual programming and U disk data import, support pipe fittings automatic

recognition and automatic welding.


Good Retroactivity

Automatic recording of welding parameters, welding records could be transferred by U disk.



Model Input Voltage (V) Output Power (KW) Output Current (A) Output Voltage (V) Working Ranges (mm) Dimension (LxWxH,mm)
FORCEMAX 10-2K2 AC220V ±20% 2.2 45 55 DN 20-200 352 x 188 x 341
FORCEMAX 10-3K5 AC220V ±20% 3.5 55 75 DN 20-315 352 x 188 x 341
FORCEMAX 10-8K 3AC380V ±20% 8 60 150 DN 20-500 480 x 273 x 440
FORCEMAX 10-12K 3AC380V ±20% 12 80 170 DN 20-630 480 x 273 x 440
FORCEMAX 10-15K 3AC380V ±20% 15 80 210 DN 20-1000 480 x 273 x 440


  1. Standard three-phase working with single and three-phase AC175-AC440 voltage, due to the input voltage decrease, the output power decreased proportionally.

  2. The acutal selection of welding power chosen by pipe welding parameters.




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