TPA160/250/315 Automatic Butt Welder


CNC system station:

*The gearcase is packed with compact and firm steel box, which can resist to the most extreme working conditions;

*Humanized and friendly operation interface allows operators to work with more convenience and labor saving;

*With functions of site classification automatically, the welding data under the same working site can be stored automatically, will be more convenient for construction management;

*The display is equipped with back-lighting, it will enable operator to work in poor lighting are and at night;

*All fusion parameters could be checked before printing;

*By selecting any one of welding standard and pipe diameter/SDR, all welding parameters, including pressure, time and temperature, would be automatically calculated according to the standard itself. 


CNC series TPA160/TPA250/TPA315 include:

*CNC system control box;

*A machine body with 4clamps and 2hydraulic cylinders with fast couplings;

*A Teflon coated heating plate;

*A milling cutter equipped with safety micro-switch;

*Hydraulic hoses with quick couplings;

*Support for milling cutter and heating plate;

*Full set of reducing inserts


Available options:

Stub end holder

Varied inserts (single/narrow/ISO/imperial inserts)    



Model TPA160 TPA250 TPA315
Working range 63mm-160mm 90mm-250mm 90mm-315mm
Applicable environment
-5℃-60℃ -5℃-60℃ -5℃-60℃
Storage temperature -10℃-70℃ -10℃-70℃ -10℃-70℃

CNC system control box

Power supply 170VAC-250VAC 170VAC-250VAC 170VAC-250VAC
Storage temperature -10℃-70℃ -10℃-70℃ -10℃-70℃
Working temperature 0℃-60℃ 0℃-60℃ 0℃-60℃
Max.pressure 0-150kgf/cm2 0-150kgf/cm2 0-150kgf/cm2
Dimensions 480*325*437mm 480*325*437mm 480*325*437mm
Weight 32Kg 32Kg 32Kg

Basic frame/Heating plate/Cutter milling

Max. pressure 0-150kgf/cm2 0-150kgf/cm2 0-150kgf/cm2
Hydraulic oil 40-50(kinematic viscosity)mm2/s,40℃ 40-50(kinematic viscosity)mm2/s,40℃ 40-50(kinematic viscosity)mm2/s,40℃
Working temperature of heating plate ≤270℃ ≤270℃ ≤270℃
Temperature deviation on surface of heating plate ≤5℃ ≤5℃ ≤5℃
Weight 89Kg 121Kg 155Kg
Total machine power 2.2Kw 3.9Kw 4.5Kw

*For more specifications, please contact our sales.


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TPA160/250/315 Automatic Butt Welder