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Main Features of PE Butt Fusion Machine

Main Features of PE Butt Fusion Machine

The connecting surface of the butt joint shall be flat. After heating the two identical connecting surfaces to a viscous state with a heating plate, remove the heating plate, apply a certain pressure to the connecting surfaces, and cool and solidify under pressure to form a firm connection. Before heating, it is necessary to mill the two surfaces of the pipe to be welded to make the surface smoother, and at the same time remove the plastic oxide layer on the surface, so that the molecules can be melted more thoroughly.

Both manual butt fusion machines and hydraulic butt fusion machines require heating plates and milling cutters. The difference is that the former relies on manual operation, while the latter is powered by a hydraulic system to achieve semi-automatic control, especially for large-diameter pipes, which require a lot of pressure during milling, heating, and cooling. Humans are generally difficult to do. 

1. The whole process can be roughly divided into several steps: placing, grinding, heating, and cooling.

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare PE butt welding machine, including hydraulic station, milling cutter, heating plate, and other related power supplies, and place the butt frame stably.

Step 2: Placement

Place two PE pipes to be welded in the butt frame. The connection location is in the middle of the four clips of the docking frame.

Step 3: Repair

Close the upper and lower brackets of the docking frame, and fix the PE pipe with bolts.

Step 4: Milling

Take the milling cutter out of the basket, put it between the two PE pipes, and push the hydraulic station control lever to make the two PE pipes contact the milling cutter until the two connecting surfaces are milled. Continuous long strips of chips will be ground away.

Step 5: Align

Since the fixed tube can shift during milling, it needs to be re-centered and adjusted for misalignment. Be careful not to contaminate the surface or you will have to recut.

Step 6: Heating

Put the milling cutter back into the basket, take the heating plate out of the basket, and heat it between two PE tubes. After the two tubes start to edge and meet the requirements, return the heating plate.

Step 7: Soldering

After taking out the heating plate, immediately connect the two PE pipes with pressure, and immediately close the PE ends to be welded.

Step 8: Cool

After the docking is completed, there will be a holding and cooling time. Finally, when the cooling time is up and the joint temperature drops to ambient temperature, the pressure can be reduced to 0 and the welded pipe can be removed. The whole welding is done here.

2. The key factors of PE butt welding machine work

In the whole welding process, the difficulty lies in the control of heating temperature, heating time, cooling time, milling pressure, heating, and cooling pressure, etc., but don't worry. Most of the control equipment of hydraulic butt welding machines are equipped with thermometers, pressure gauges, and timers, which can display various parameter data in real time. Detailed tutorials and data indexes will be provided in the user manual and product manual that come with the product so that you can achieve good welding results when you use it yourself.

It can be seen that the main processes of the whole welding process include adjustment, heating, switching, joint pressing, and cooling. When docked, the material whose surface is in a viscous state can flow and spread. Excessive flow is not conducive to diffusion and entanglement, so it is necessary to restrict the flow to a certain extent to achieve "post-melt welding" in the limited flow. Therefore, the key to the welding process is to adjust the three parameters in the welding process, namely temperature, time, and pressure. In order to achieve reliable welding, the properties of the joint material, stress conditions, geometry, and environmental conditions need to be comprehensively considered. Welding quality is evaluated according to general laws and material properties.

The main features of the PE butt welding machine are described in detail above. If you want to buy a PE butt welding machine, please contact us.

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