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Common Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine Faults and Maintenance

Common Hydraulic Butt Fusion Machine Faults and Maintenance

PE hot-melt machine is a special tool for welding PE water supply pipes. The common hydraulic semi-automatic hot-melt welding machine is, but what should I do if I encounter a fault? How to repair it?

Today, let's talk about the common faults and related solutions of pe hot melt machine:

Analysis of failure causes of hydraulic welding machine and normal maintenance

1. The whole machine does not work when it is turned on;

Solution: Check the power plug and whether the leakage air switch is closed.

2. The heating plate has temperature but cannot be controlled;

Solution: Check whether the temperature control is normal, whether the sensor display is normal, and whether there is a display of 1. If it displays 1, it means a short circuit; whether the temperature control dial is in poor contact.

3. There is a leakage phenomenon;

Solution: Check whether the heating plate, hydraulic motor, cutter motor, or other power lines are connected to electricity and if there is a short circuit; then do not construct in a place that is too humid, for fear of moisture in the components.

4. The motor of the pressurized oil pump is faulty;

Solution: First check whether the micro switch is normal; the electrical box wire is in good contact;

5. The milling cutter motor is faulty;

Solution: Whether the contact line is in good contact; whether the motor carbon brush is damaged

6. The hydraulic cylinder does not work;

Solution: Check whether the hydraulic oil level is lower than the normal line; whether the pressure regulating valve is adjusted too loosely; the pressure relief valve is not closed

Trouble analysis and normal maintenance of manual welding machine

1. The handwheel is stuck;

Cause analysis: It is possible that the linkage gear is bitten.

Maintenance method: Add appropriate roller oil

2. The heating plate does not heat or the temperature cannot be controlled;

Cause analysis: The temperature control in the heating plate is damaged.

Repair method: Damage the thermostat

3. The manual milling cutter emits blue smoke or sparks;

Cause analysis: The carbon brush of the milling cutter motor is damaged or worn.

Maintenance method: Replace the carbon brush inside the motor

If the pe pipe hot-melt machine appears, please connect the pipe fittings, what is the fault?

Generally, if the failure prompt of connecting the pipe fittings appears on the display screen of the pe pipe automatic hot melt machine, we need to check whether the clamping device can work normally, and also check whether the hydraulic control system can be clamped normally, and the heating plate can be placed. If it has been checked before and there is no problem, then there can only be one reason, that is, if there is a problem with the program on the computer side, then we can only return it to the manufacturer for maintenance.

General troubleshooting method of pe water supply pipe docking hot melt machine

Generally, the main parts of the failure of the docking hot melt machine are the heating plate, the milling cutter, and the frame itself; the general heating plate failure is mainly due to the temperature can not being controlled and the heating plate is short-circuited. To solve these failures, you must know how to Replace the thermostat; the most common fault of the milling cutter is the phenomenon of smoke and sparks in the milling cutter motor. If this fault occurs, we generally only need to replace the carbon brush to solve the fault; if the machine casing leaks electricity If there is a phenomenon, it means that there is a shell phenomenon in the circuit, and it is necessary to check the circuit step by step.

The above introduces some common faults and maintenance methods of a hydraulic butt fusion splicer. If you want to know more or want to buy a hydraulic butt fusion splicer, please contact us.

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