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What is a Butt Fusion Machine?

What is a Butt Fusion Machine?

There are many types of butt fusion machines, including single-point single-function, single-point double-function, and single-point multifunction. There are also two-point, three-point, four-point, and even six-point welding machines and four-point welding machines. Different butt fusion machine types have different welding capabilities and work efficiencies.

Introduce the automatic butt fusion machine.

Automatic butt fusion machine, a machine that uses ultrasonic energy to weld (or join secondary) plastic electronics, toys, and everyday medical items. It melts the contacting surfaces of two raw materials by localized high temperature, and then freezes and freezes together under certain pressure conditions. The automatic butt fusion machine has high efficiency, high quality, energy saving, and environmental protection in its work, so it is widely popularized.

What are the advantages of butt fusion machines?

1. The butt fusion machine can reduce the heat input to very low demand, the metallographic range of the change in the heating input area is small, and the deformation through thermal conduction is also small.

2. The plunger welder does not require the use of electrodes, and there is no concern about contamination or damage to the electrodes. Since it is not a contact welding process, wear and deformation of the machine tool can be reduced to very low levels.

3. The laser beam of the butt fusion machine can be easily focused, aligned, and guided by optical instruments. Can be placed at the appropriate distance from the workpiece and reinserted between tools or obstacles around the workpiece. Other welding rules are affected. Playback is not possible for space reasons.

How does the butt fusion machine work?

Butt fusion machines are the joining of metal parts with different molten alloys (batches). The melting point of the batch is lower than the melting point of the material to be welded so that the part is not melted by intermolecular contact on its surface to complete the welding.

Butt fusion machines can be divided into soft and hard welding. The temperature of the soft butt machine is lower than 450℃, and the temperature of the brazing is higher than 450℃. Brazed welding is usually used for metals, gold, steel, and copper, and its welding point is stronger than soft welding, and its sharpness is 20 to 30 times higher than that of a soft butt machine. The term soldering is commonly used for the two thermal connections described above since in both cases the molten batch is written into the longitudinal gap between the clean and closed solid metal surfaces of the two devices to be installed.

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