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Two Ways to Weld Plastic with a Heat Air Gun

Two Ways to Weld Plastic with a Heat Air Gun

May 18,2022
A heat air gun is more than just a tool for removing paint. It is a quantifiable tool with versatility. It can be used in real-world applications, even by hobbyists and artists. Some plastics, despite their versatility, have a hard time accepting glue. Once the glue is applied, its bond is actually only temporary. This includes any plastic made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP). The only way to really blend them with any lasting effort is to use high heat.

Here are two ways to weld plastic:

what do you need:

Heat air gun (or plastic welding kit)

A soldering iron

Plastic (the kind that doesn't accept glue)

Leather gloves


Method #1 "Face Fusion"

Step 1

Sourcing the materials you intend to fuse. If it's for a project, use a pattern or stencil to cut as needed.

Step 2

Heat each side until they are soft. Put on gloves and press them together. Probably heating them up too much, so it might be wise to practice on scraps first.

Pro tip

Use a sheet of metal to press the plastic together. It will increase the pressure without melting.

Method #2 "Spot Welding"

Step 1

Using pliers, hold a piece of plastic (in a stick if possible) between the seams or surfaces.

Step 2

Take the heated soldering iron and gently press the plastic "stick" until it starts to melt.

Pro tip

If you find this too hard, try heating a screw until it goes through the two materials. Then heat until they come together.

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