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What is an Electrofusion Welder?

What is an Electrofusion Welder?

Electrofusion Welders are computer-controlled machines for welding HDPE-PP-PVDF pipes from 40~1200 mm in diameter and electrofusion fittings up to 10-32 bar. According to the ISO 12176-1 international standard, these machines provide powerful, simple, and continuous welding with minimal set-up operation. It is lightweight and very easy to use. The maximum operating resistance of the electrofusion machine is 120 amps. Suitable for operation at an ambient temperature of -15℃~+60℃.

The working method of the electric fusion welding machine 

The electrical type required to operate the electrofusion machine is 220V. Using an electrofusion sleeve, an electrofusion service TE, and connecting the probe cable to the socket of the electrofusion accessory, they were helped by a barcode reader that scanned the barcode specified by the manufacturer on the accessory. 

In this way, the welding parameters are automatically determined and the machine is started and the current is supplied according to the required voltage value and time. At the end of the cycle, the resource ends and the resource's report is moved into memory.

Application field of electric fusion welding machine

These machines combine plastic pipes of PE, PP, and PVDF materials with electrofusion fittings for different fields. In general, it offers effective combination opportunities in all areas where a liquid transfer is found, such as wastewater, clean water, and seawater discharge. It is designed to perform extremely fast and low-cost operations, especially when it comes to plumbing repairs. With its technical equipment, it creates durable products. The electrofusion welder allows the connection of PE, PP, and PVDF material pipes up to 0~120amps, and the fitting diameter is up to min40ma×2800mm.

These welding machines enable the product to provide high performance through its special design and useful construction.

Types of electrofusion welder
The sizes of these machines vary between EFW630 (d.20~630) ~EFW1200 (d.20~1200). The electric fusion machine starts with the EFW630 plastic pipe electric fusion machine and continues to the EFW1200 plastic pipe electric fusion welding machine.

The EFW630 plastic pipe welding machine has a resistive power of 220V 0~90amps, while the EFW1200 plastic pipe electric fusion welder has a resistive power of 200V 0~120amps.

Technical characteristics of electric fusion welding machine

Total electricity usage, operating pressure, and required generator power vary by machine type. DVS 2207-1, DVS2207-11, ISO 21307 provide powerful, simple, and fast resource reporting with minimal operating settings in compliance with international standards. The butt welder is lightweight and easy to use. The maximum operating resistance of these machines is designed to be 120amps. Suitable for operation at an ambient temperature of -15℃~+60℃.

The above introduces what is an electric fusion welding machine. If you plan to buy a spot welding machine for your company, please contact us.

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