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4 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Welding Procedure for a Butt Fusion Machine

4 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Welding Procedure for a Butt Fusion Machine

the steps to use a butt fusion machine to connect large-diameter PE pipes
If the pipeline welding is not of good quality, the reason is usually attributed to improper welding operation procedure. We have summarized some basic knowledge in this article. When choosing a welding procedure for a hot-melt welding machine, you should keep these principles in min.


In the field of welding, no matter what the material, cleanliness matters and should be emphasized throughout the process. Machines should be clean. The pipe should be clean. The welding area should be protected on the construction site. All these things are designed to prevent contaminants from getting into the weld which might reduce the lifetime of the asset being installed.

Heat energy

To make a satisfactory weld the pipe must be heated such that all the material at the end of the pipes to be joined has achieved the target temperature for the operation, and holds this temperature whilst the heater plate is removed and the pipe ends pressed together. Too much heat may degrade the material, too little heat affects the weld strength, so the key is to achieve the target temperature range set out in the specifications.


The pressure, sometimes referred to as the interfacial pressure experienced by the pipe ends when they are butted against each other matters. Pressure is used to ensure the molten pipe ends are fully squeezed together to form an intimate connection so the minimum level matters. Too much pressure though can be a bad thing as taken to an extreme, it squeezes all the molten material out of the welded area.


This is the final element, each of the cycle times has a design intent behind it, whether this is ensuring adequate time for heat to soak into the pipe ends, ensuring they don’t cool down too quickly when heater plates are removed, and so forth. But what also matters is allowing the joint to cool properly in clamps when the weld has been made, the material has to reform its crystalline structure to allow it to be handled without damage.

Only by paying attention to the core principles that affect the quality of welding, especially the control of cleanliness, heat, and pressure in the welding process, can high-quality welds be produced. Qualified welders who meet these principles can perform good welding at any level of automation, and the choice of machines depends largely on their availability in construction work. If you want to know more about the welding machine after reading the above, please contact us for a comprehensive solution.

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