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When Operating the PE Butt Welding Machine, What Matters Are Worth Our Attention?

When Operating the PE Butt Welding Machine, What Matters Are Worth Our Attention?

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If the PE butt welding machine is to play a good operating efficiency, it needs to cooperate with each other. When we operate the butt welding equipment, we need to pay attention to the following items for the installation and use of different components to ensure that the equipment does not malfunction.

1. Heating plate

The maximum temperature of the heating plate reaches 250℃, so be sure to pay attention to the following items:

(1) Wear anti-cut gloves;

(2) Pay attention to the safety precautions of the actual operating staff, the heating plate should be placed in the special heating plate support frame after the electric welding is completed;

(3) The heating plate should be cooled before transportation to prevent fire;

(4) After the electric welding is completed, put the heating plate in a safe area to prevent accidental touch and burns by others;

(5) Hold the handle when lifting the heating plate;

(6) The human body should not directly touch the heating plate;

(7) After the butt welding, do not disconnect the switching power supply of the heating plate;

(8) Remember not to touch the heating plate forcefully.

2. Milling cutter

(1) Before cutting the pipe, make sure that the end face of the pipe is clean and free of dirt to prevent damage to the cutting blade;

(2) After the pipe is cut, after the milling cutter stops rotating, take out the milling cutter and store it;

(3) Carry the door handle when obtaining the milling cutter head;

(4) The milling cutter head can only be rotated when it is installed on the welding frame;

(5) Do not arbitrarily adjust the toggle switch of the milling cutter.

3. Hydraulic control cabinet

(1) When working, install the hydraulic components in a level and firm manner, gradually pressurize to detect the drag force of the pipe and lift the handles on both sides when transporting;

(2) Remember not to place the hydraulic components perpendicularly to prevent oil leakage;

(3) When making adjustments to this component, the relevant requirements of this specification, such as instructions for use, should be followed;

4. Rack

(1) Inspect the parts/materials to be welded to ensure that they have been accurately clamped on the frame to ensure the quality of electric welding. When heating, the actual operating staff should stand away from the welding machine moderately;

(2) During electric welding, if the movable chuck collides with the fixed chuck, it is not necessary to use the main switch of the welder to shut down, just move the working pressure adjustment rod and open the chuck;

(3) When transporting the rack, make sure that the fixtures are tightly tightened to prevent them from falling.

In addition to these operational problems, environmental factors are also the main reason that affects the operating efficiency of PE butt welding machines. If you want to know more about PE hot-melt welding machines after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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