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How to Correctly Operate the Butt Fusion Machine to Weld PE Pipes?

How to Correctly Operate the Butt Fusion Machine to Weld PE Pipes?

November 6,2021
the methods and steps for welding PE pipes using butt welding machines
In the pipeline construction process, due to the limitation of the construction site, many matters need to be paid attention to in the PE pipe welding process. If the pipeline is not well welded, it will affect the quality of the construction, cause water leakage, and affect the construction progress. Here, RIYANG will sort out the methods and steps for welding PE pipes using butt welding machines.

PE pipe counterpart

1. Fix the PE pipes and fittings to be welded on the butt jointing machine, and use fixtures according to the pipe size. Use a brush and cotton cloth to remove the oxide layer, oil, and dust on the nozzle.

2. The connecting ends of the two parts to be connected should extend a certain free length from the welding machine fixture, and the two corresponding parts to be connected should be aligned so that they are on the same axis. The wrong side should not be greater than 10% of the wall thickness.

3. The end face is planed with a milling cutter to make the butt joint end face smooth, flat, clean, and vertical. Note: The milling cutter should be started first, and then the feed handwheel should be slowly turned. When continuous cutting occurs, the milling cutter head should be removed, and the two butted parts should be straightened by adjusting the tightness of the fixture (turn the pipe if necessary).

Endothermic phase

The heating plate automatically heats up until the green indicator light is on or reaches the set temperature. The pipes and pipe fittings to be welded are closed to heat the end surface. The feed handwheel stops feeding when the two ends are pressed to the corresponding flanging and keeps the heat absorption state.

Separate the PE pipe and pipe fittings from the heating plate, and then close the two heating end faces to butt, (refer to the heat absorption time table) the two nozzles after heating are melted, and the heat absorption process is completed when heated to a molten state.

When the ambient temperature is 20°C, the heating time is specified at 10×thickness (mm) seconds, and the flat bump height of the welding surface is required to reach the required value. Note: At this stage, only the flange that meets the specified requirements is required, and it is enough to maintain the pressure to absorb heat. Don't continue to increase the pressure!

Remove the electric flat template

When the heat absorption process is completed, the electric heating plate is removed and the pressure is quickly started (see the docking pressure gauge), and the operation is completed within 10 seconds: especially when the ambient temperature is low, the end surface is cooled very quickly and the docking speed is slow.

Cooling interface

After the interface is completed, the counterpart should be stabilized on the fixture and allowed to cool naturally. Generally speaking, small diameters below DN110 need to be cooled for more than 20 minutes, and diameters above DN110 need to be cooled for more than half an hour. Judging by the hand feel, if the temperature is not very hot, it proves that the cooling time has been reached.

The pairing of the other end and the fusion heat interface can be carried out. After opening the clamp, remove the fixture to check the appearance of the fusion joint. The height and width of the hot fusion joint should be uniform and beautiful, and the height and width should be appropriate.

Each component of the butt fusion machine manufactured by RIYANG will be fully inspected before installation, and we will continue to improve the details and quality of the machine according to the needs of users. If you want to know other information about the butt fusion machine, RIYANG is happy to provide you with professional advice.

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