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The Precautions for Butting PE Pipes with Using Butt Fusion Machine

The Precautions for Butting PE Pipes with Using Butt Fusion Machine

 the precautions for butting PE pipes
The connection interface of the PE pipe hot-melt butt connection is flat. The connection method is to heat the same connection interface to a viscous fluid state with a hot plate, remove the hot plate, and then apply a certain pressure to the connection interface, and under this pressured state cool and solidify to form a firm connection. This has certain requirements for the operation of the butt fusion machine, we need to pay attention to the following items.

1. Before and after hot-melt connection, clean the welding machine indicator and heating tool. Welding indicates that there is dirt, clean it with a clean cloth. The polyethylene residue on the heating tool can only be removed with a wooden scraper.

2. Check whether the butt welding machine matches the pipe diameter and the specified butt welding cycle.

3. The heating time and heating temperature of the hot melt connection should comply with the regulations of the connecting tool manufacturer and the pipe and pipe manufacturer. The welding temperature is usually between 200 ℃ and 235 ℃.

4. The pressure holding and cooling time of the hot-melt connection should comply with the regulations of the hot-melt connection tool manufacturer and the pipe and pipe manufacturer. During the pressure holding and cooling time, no connection piece or pressure can be applied to the connection piece.

5. PE pipe hot-melt butt joint should meet the following requirements:

(1) Clamp the socket ends of the pipes and fittings on the butt welding machine, and clean the socket ends.

(2) Move the movable clamp, plan the connecting surface of the pipe and pipe fittings on the milling cutter, remove the milling cutter, and check the connecting surface of the pipe end to ensure that the gap is not greater than 0.3mm.

(3) Straighten the two corresponding parts to be joined on the butt welding machine so that they are on the same axis, and the wrong side should not be greater than 10% of the wall thickness.

(4) Place the heating tool between the two connecting surfaces. Bring the pipe on the butt welder close to the heating tool and apply a certain pressure, until it melts in a straight motion to form smooth and symmetrical flanging along the entire outer circumference of the pipe.

(5) After heating, the connecting piece should be quickly separated from the butt heating tool, and uniform external force should be applied to make it completely in contact to form a uniform flange.

6. PE pipe hot-melt welding joints often have quality problems such as asymmetry of curling, excessively large amount of misalignment, and bubble depression and pitting on the surface of the weld. The reasons for the above problems include:

(1) In order to save equipment costs, semi-automatic welding machines are used and welding is not performed according to the specified welding parameters, such as the welding machine's drag pressure is too large and the cooling time is too short.

(2) Use a fully automatic welder with unqualified welding performance.

(3) Due to different PE pipe properties (such as thermal stability) of different manufacturers, the parameter settings of the hot-melt welding machine are not consistent with the pipe characteristics.

(4) Use unmatched pipe materials for welding, such as butt welding of PE80 and PE100 materials.

(5) In order to catch up with the construction period, the construction personnel shall carry out construction under severe weather conditions such as dampness.

(6) The specified hot melt fixture and roller bracket were not used during welding, and the quality of the counterpart did not meet the requirements.

(7) The welding machine operator has no professional training without a certificate.

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