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How to Choose the Right Butt Fusion Machine?

How to Choose the Right Butt Fusion Machine?

 some tips for choosing a butt fusion machine
The quality of the butt fusion machine determines the quality of the pipeline butt and also determines the specific efficiency of the operation. We need to choose the right butt fusion machine according to the actual application scenarios and your own needs to better operate. The followings are some tips for choosing a butt fusion machine.

Choose the right model according to the classification

The hot melt welding machine is divided into a mobile phone hot melt welding machine, hydraulic hot melt welding machine, and automatic hot melt welding machine.

The manual butt welding machine is a single-piece action, which is mainly used for the debugging of the mechanism and the mold. After the manual debugging is completed, it is adjusted to automatic during production.

The hydraulic butt welding machine is composed of three parts: fixture frame, heating plate, milling machine (and its basket frame), and the rocking handle transmission mechanism provides the dissolving pressure, the transmission is stable, the operation is convenient and flexible, and it is suitable for use under complex working conditions, and the equipment is cost-effective.

The automatic control system adopts programmable logic controller (PLC) and touch screen man-machine interface to control. The movement of each cylinder is driven by air pressure, which is easy to operate, reliable in performance, compact in size, and improves production efficiency and quality.

Selection points

When choosing a butt welding machine, consider the welding specifications, temperature, pressure, and other parameters of the equipment and provide relevant services from the manufacturer.

(1) Welding specifications

When choosing a butt welding machine, the welding specifications of different types and different brands are different. When choosing, you must judge the size of the welding specifications according to the actual production needs, so as to avoid the unavailability of the selected products.

(2) Temperature

When choosing a hot melt welding machine, the temperature refers to the working temperature and the ambient temperature, and these two temperature factors should be considered for selection. Generally speaking, you can choose the working temperature: 220℃, and the ambient temperature: -5℃-40℃.

(3) Manufacturer-related services

When choosing a hot melt welding machine, it is necessary to understand the after-sales service measures. A good after-sales service can quickly deal with problems when the machine fails and effectively guarantee normal work.


1. The lower the price, the better. The quality of butt welding machines is not judged by price, but most construction machinery is "you get what you pay for". Too cheap is likely to be a trap of the merchants, repairs will cost more money.

2. If there is no trace of repainting, it can be judged as a new machine. When buying a hot melt welding machine, it is very wrong to think that it is a new machine when it looks brand new. Some merchants may replace the internal parts of the new machine with some old parts or parts of poor quality, and the purchaser may be deceived without paying attention.

3. Focus on quality and ignore related services. When buying a hot melt welding machine, we pay too much attention to the manufacturer, product quality, production process, etc., while ignoring its related services and accessories. Since various situations may occur during the use of the hot melt welding machine, some related services should also be considered when purchasing.

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