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How to Keep the Butt Fusion Machine in the Best Operating Condition?

How to Keep the Butt Fusion Machine in the Best Operating Condition?

the precautions for maintaining the butt fusion machine
Butt fusion machine is special welding equipment that uses hot-melt butt welding technology to weld thermoplastic pipe fittings. The welding frame of the fusion butt fusion machine is separated from the operating system. The welding frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which is firm in structure, lightweight, and durable. And it adopts the compression structure of the ferrule mica sheet, the positioning of the pipe is accurate, and the amount of misalignment is easy to adjust.

For such safe and efficient equipment, we must do the following maintenance precautions in order to make the butt welding machine perform in the best operating state and improve the accuracy and quality of pipe butt joints.

1. After using the equipment, turn off the power. Remove the connecting wires, and then move the device.

2. The equipment is not suitable for a long time and should be placed in a dry, non-corrosive gas place steadily.

3. It is strictly forbidden to stack or collide the welding machine with other objects.

4. Remove the dust on the equipment in time, and put on the protective cap of the quick connector in time.

5. Regularly check the oil quantity and oil quality in the oil tank, and replenish it in time when the oil quantity is insufficient. If the oil deteriorates, replace it in time. (It is recommended to use 46# hydraulic oil and change it every 3 months)

6. Regularly check whether there is oil dripping and oil leakage in the hydraulic system. If found, it should be repaired in time, otherwise, it will affect the welding quality and pollute the environment.

7. Frequently check whether all electrical plugs, connectors, cables, and hydraulic tubing are firm and undamaged.

8. Whether the clamp locking device on the frame is flexible and effective, and whether the coating of the heating plate is scratched or damaged.

9. Whether the gear of the milling cutter motor is loose and whether the cutting edge is chipped.

10. Whether the computer touch panel is damaged, please replace it in time to prevent water seepage into the electronic components.

11. During transportation, please put the equipment in a special box and fix it firmly to prevent bumps and impacts.

12. The equipment should be routinely maintained and calibrated every time 2000 ports are welded or the welding machine works for 12 months. The content of calibration includes temperature and uniformity of heating plate, pressure, the friction of welding machine frame, displacement, etc.

13. Welding machines should be thoroughly inspected and maintained every two years, and records should be kept. The power box has at least IP44 level protection and meets the IEC 17-13/let 17-13/4 standard, and must have grounding and leakage protection devices.

In addition to the above maintenance precautions, you can keep it in good condition by choosing a high-quality butt fusion machine. If you want to know more about the butt fusion machine after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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