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What Matters Should We Pay Attention to when Operating the Butt Fusion Machine?

What Matters Should We Pay Attention to when Operating the Butt Fusion Machine?

ensure the operation effect of the butt fusion machine
To ensure that the butt fusion machine is in a safe state, the butt fusion machine should be inspected, repaired, and maintained every two months. At the same time, during the welding operation and equipment transportation, we should pay attention to the following items.
(1) The higher temperature of the heating plate can reach 250 degrees. When operating, be sure to wear protective gloves and do not touch the heating plate with your hands. Do not directly touch the heating plate with your body.

(2) Hold the handle when lifting the heating plate. After the welding is completed, the heating plate should be placed on the heating plate support and put the heating plate in a safe place to avoid accidental contact and burns.

(3) The heating plate should be cooled before transportation to avoid fire. After the welding is completed, be sure to cut off the power supply of the heating plate.

(4) Before milling the pipe fittings, make sure that the end faces of the pipe fittings are clean and free of debris to avoid damage to the scraper blades.

(5) After the pipe is milled, the milling cutter head stops rotating, and then the milling cutter head is removed for storage, and the handle should be carried when extracting the milling cutter head.

(6) The milling cutter head can only be rotated when it is installed on the welding machine frame. Do not adjust the microswitch of the milling cutter at will.

(7) The milling cutter should be placed in a safe position on the frame so that its main switch is in the locked position.
(8) For the hydraulic control box, place the hydraulic components horizontally and firmly when working, and lift the handles on both sides when moving. Do not place hydraulic components vertically to avoid oil leakage. When debugging, comply with relevant regulations.
(9) Check the pipes or fittings to be welded to ensure that they have been accurately clamped on the frame to ensure the welding quality.

(10) The operator should stay away from the pipe welding machine when heating. During welding, if the movable chuck and the fixed chuck come into contact with each other, do not use the main switch of the welder to stop the machine, just pull the pressure adjustment lever and open the chuck.

(11)When transporting the rack, ensure that the fixtures are securely fastened to avoid falling.

When operating the butt fusion machine, you must strictly follow the execution steps to prevent some safety accidents. For example, dress safely to prevent eyes from being injured by projectiles. If you want to know more about the butt fusion machine after reading the above, you can contact RIYANG for professional advice.

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