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7 Precautions for Choosing a Butt Fusion Machine

7 Precautions for Choosing a Butt Fusion Machine

the basic principle of the PE butt welding machine
If we want the hot-melt welding machine to exert a good butt welding effect, not only the correct operation must be carried out, but the quality of the equipment itself must also be guaranteed. We can refer to the following precautions when selecting and comparing butt fusion machines.

1. A qualified butt welding equipment needs to meet the accuracy of the basic three elements (pressure, time, temperature), the displayed value must match the actual output value, and whether it meets the requirements of the national standard (the total welding pressure is equal to the drag pressure plus the theoretical welding pressure; crimping time, heat absorption time, switching time, gradual rise time, cooling time must meet the requirements; the surface temperature difference of the heating plate is less than or equal to plus or minus 3 degrees).

2. Pay attention to observe whether the movement of the rising and docking cylinder is slow after the equipment has taken out the heating plate. This is also an important basis for judging whether there is a qualified weld because if the movement is too fast, it will cause an impact on the weld to form a false weld.

3. Whether the cylinder cross-sectional area of the equipment is marked on the fuselage or can be found in the instruction manual. This is an important parameter for calculating whether the welding pressure is in conformity with the national standard, and it is also to test whether a qualified manufacturer really understands the welding of pipes.

4. The number of replaceable slips of the fully automatic butt fusion machine is up to 3 layers, which is also the national standard requirement. If it is a combination of multi-layer slips, the welding quality cannot be guaranteed. The greater the number of slips, the greater the accumulated error, and the greater the loss caused by the pressure acting on the weld.

5. Whether the welding machine has temperature compensation, online real-time monitoring of output pressure, and alarms when the actual output does not match the parameters.

6. The appearance of a qualified weld should have a smooth and symmetrical welding ring along the entire outer circumference of the pipe. The welding ring should have a certain degree of symmetry and alignment.

7. When choosing a welding machine at what price, the output accuracy of the equipment itself should be put in the first place. If the parameters are inaccurate, it will lose the meaning of using a fully automatic butt welding machine. Then compare the differences in materials and hydraulic valves, sensors, and control systems. Because the selection of materials and standard parts directly affects the stability of the system, the accuracy of the output, and the service life.

If you choose a fully automatic butt fusion machine, you must not buy poor quality equipment in order to save costs, otherwise, the maintenance costs in the future may far exceed the cost. If you have finished reading the above and want to know more about the butt welding machine, you can get a professional solution by contacting us.

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