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6 Common Faults of Butt Fusion Machines

6 Common Faults of Butt Fusion Machines

operating procedures and precautions for the butt fusion machine

Butt fusion machine is special fusion equipment that uses hot-melt butt fusion technology to weld thermoplastic pipe fittings. The fusion frame of the fusion butt fusion machine is separated from the operating system. The whole machine is composed of a hydraulic operating console, fusion frame and fixture, electric heating plate, electric milling cutter, and other parts. When these parts fail, we will find out the specific reasons and repair them in time through the following methods.

The oil pump motor works but there is no system pressure

1. Whether the pressure relief valve is closed tightly and whether the fuel tank is short of oil.

2. Whether the oil pump coupling is damaged (such as damaged, the inertia of the motor is large when idling).

3. When the motor is working under pressure, the noise is too large and the pressure is unstable. Check whether the filter is blocked. If it is blocked, the filter needs to be cleaned.

4. Whether the pressure gauge is damaged.

5. Motor reverse rotation (380V motor).

The milling cutter does not rotate or the cutting is unsuccessful when the plastic pipe is fed

1. The pressure is too high during cutting, so adjust it to an appropriate pressure.

2. The blade is too high above the plane and the cutting amount is too large, so the blade height should be adjusted appropriately.

3. If the blade is lower than the plane or level with the plane, the height of the blade should be adjusted.

4. The cutting edge is too dull and needs to be replaced or polished.

Note: For normal cutting, chips are continuously produced on both sides when the oil pump is slightly pressured, and the chip thickness is about 0.2-----0.5mm.

The heating plate of the butt fusion machine is not heated properly

1. First, check whether the connection is broken, disconnected, or the joint is not tightened.

2. Check whether the normally open point of the temperature controller is sucked up.

3. Check whether the sensor is normal. The resistance between the two electric shocks should be about 100---180Ω.

4. Whether the electric heating tube in the heating plate is short-circuited, the insulation of the electric heating tube joint to the shell must be greater than 1MΩ.

5. When the temperature controller indicates> 300 degrees Celsius, it means that the sensor is damaged or the wiring is off. At this time, the sensor should be replaced or the wiring should be checked.

6. When the temperature controller shows that everything is normal but it is not heating or heating is slow, it may be that the contractor is damaged or the working voltage is too low (usually between 200---240V).

The butt fusion machine doesn’t work

1. Check whether the power cord is connected properly.

2. Whether the neutral line is well connected (fusion machine above DN450).

The oil pump is not working

1. Whether the motor capacitor is burned out.

2. Whether the proximity switch is normal.

3. Whether the contactor K3 is closed.

The butt fusion frame doesn’t hold pressure

1. Whether the pressure relief valve is tightly closed.

2. Whether there is an oil shortage in the oil tank, if the amount of oil is insufficient, it will cause the rack to walk unevenly.

3. Check if the joint is leaking.

4. Whether the sealing ring is damaged.

5. Whether the frame can walk steadily when moving forward if it is not stable, the oil cylinder may be fuzzed and the frame will not maintain pressure or walk or have no pressure.

We also need to pay attention to keeping the voltage of the machine in a stable state. If the voltage is too high or too low, the capacitor plate will be heated for too long or not heated at all, and the heating plate contactor may not be able to attract. If you want to learn more about the butt fusion machine after reading the above content, you can contact us for a comprehensive solution.

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