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Operating Procedures and Precautions for the Butt Fusion Machine

Operating Procedures and Precautions for the Butt Fusion Machine

operating procedures and precautions for the butt fusion machine

Butt fusion machine is a special welding equipment that applies butt fusion technology to weld thermoplastic pipes and fittings. If we want to ensure the quality of butt welding of the pipeline and the safety of the operation, we need to strictly abide by the following operating procedures and precautions for the butt fusion machine.

Operating procedures

1. Preparation before welding

(1) Clean the oil circuit joints and connect all parts of the welding machine correctly.

(2) Measure the power supply voltage and confirm that the voltage meets the requirements of the welding machine.

(3) Check and clean the heating plate (when the coating is damaged, the heating plate should be replaced, the surface of the heating plate; the polyethylene residue on the surface of the heating plate can only be removed with wooden tools, and the oil and grease must be treated with clean cotton cloth and alcohol).

(4) According to the welding process, set the parameters such as heat absorption, cooling time and heating plate temperature. The heating plate should be properly preheated at the welding temperature before welding to ensure that the temperature of the heating plate is uniform.

2. Clamping pipe components

Use a roller or bracket to level up the tube, adjust the concentricity, use a clamp to correct the out-of-roundness, and leave enough welding distance.

3. Milling welding surface

Milling is thick enough to make the welding end face smooth, parallel to ensure that the gap between the butt end faces is less than 0.3mm, and the amount of misalignment is less than 105 of the wall thickness of the weld. It must be milled again when re-fixing.

4. Dragging pressure measurement and inspection

The drag pressure (Pt) must be measured and recorded each time during welding.

5. heating

Set the heating plate, adjust the welding pressure (P1) = drag pressure (Pt) + welding specified pressure (P2).

When the height of the circumferential crimping protrusions at the welding on both sides of the heating plate reaches the specified value, the pressure is reduced to the drag pressure (Pt) or under the condition that the heating plate and the welding end face are in close contact, the endothermic timing is started.

6. Switch docking

Draw out the heating plate within the specified time, immediately fit the welding surface, and quickly increase the pressure to the welding pressure (P1) at a uniform rate, and high-pressure collision is strictly prohibited;

7. Disassembling piping elements

After the cooling time is reached, the pressure is reduced to zero, and the welded pipe components are disassembled.


(1) The operator of the butt fusion machine must be specially trained by the relevant department and pass the examination before taking up the post. Use by non-operators is strictly prohibited.

(2) The electrical and control parts of the welding machine are not waterproof, and water should not be allowed to enter the electrical and control parts of the welding machine during operation and use. In case of construction in rainy weather, protective measures should be taken for the electrical appliances and control parts of the welding machine.

(3) When welding below zero, appropriate protective measures must be taken to ensure that the welding surface has sufficient temperature.

(4) All items in contact with the welding surface must be clean. The welding surface must be clean and dry before welding. The parts that need to be welded must not have damage, impurities, or dirt (such as dirt, grease, chips, etc.).

(5) To ensure the continuity of the welding process, sufficient natural cooling should be carried out after the welding is completed to eliminate its internal stress.

(6) For piping components with dn≤63mm or wall thickness e<6mm, it is not allowed to use butt fusion.

(7) When the pipeline components of different SDR series are welded to each other, it is recommended to use electrofusion connection or adopt appropriate processing methods to make the welded joints have the same wall thickness.

(8) Each weld joint during welding shall have a detailed original welding record. The original welding record shall at least include weather conditions, ambient temperature, welder code, weld port number, pipe specification type, welding pressure, dragging pressure, pressurization time , Heating plate temperature, switching time, heat absorption time, cooling time, etc.

(9) It is strictly forbidden to increase or decrease the fuse in the fuse of the welding machine without authorization.

(10) Observe the operating conditions of the equipment at any time during use. If there is abnormal noise or overheating, stop using it immediately.

(11) The equipment should be kept clean at all times to prevent dust accumulation and circuit failure.

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